Heal Your Body, Relieve Pain & Resolve Emotional Issues With The Power Of Your Mind And Emotions In 3 Simple Steps
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If you're dealing with significant physcial or emotional challenges or life crises

If you've tried numerous therapy modalities but none got the results you expected - this Free Guide is exactly for you!


The Body-Mind Healing Guide is a clinically proven 3-step process that heals the body,

relieves pain, resolves emotional issues and eliminates stress! Even if you suffer from

chronic disease and your doctor says you just have to "learn to live with it".

 Given the enormous investment in medical research and development and given the

numerous therapeutic modalities, the fact that disease prevalence continues to rise is

both fascinating and extremely troubling.

Desite the vast medical knowledge and healing experience available

worldwide humanity is clearly becoming sicker and sicker.

 There are many factors involved in the onset of disease and many factors that affect

the body's ability to heal. Sometimes healing fails even though treatment had been

successful for others without the ability to pinpoint the exact reason. Healing is not an

accurate science.

 The Mind Body Healing Guide was inspired by my desire to share my 35 year clinical

experience and help you get your power back by taking charge of your health and

wellness using the guidelines I suggest.   

I hope you both enjoy and benefit  


Joan Jacobs

A pleasure to meet you!

I'm an emotional, body-mind

healing specialist, homeopath and

Bach Flower Remedy therapist

with 35 years of extensive clinical

and teaching experience. 

 20 years lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Ben Gurion

University, Israel

10 years program coordinator and senior lecturer at the Adar

College of Complimentary Medicine, Israel

I also produced 2 international online conferences titled: None Toxic

Cancer Treatments.


**Clients Share Their Experiences**
( To protect privacy only first names appear)

 "When therapy ended I was "someone". I demanded that I be treated with respect.

Depression and long standing sadness for my losses completely disappeared"

"Joan is an amazing therapist who helped me overcome rape trauma when I was 7 years

old. Emotionally, I learned how to deal with my past and how to verbalize my experience tto

myself and others. When we did visualization sequences in which I confronted childhood

images I cried but didn't fall apart. It was the first time ever that I had cried about the rape. I

developed self confidence and the ability to stand my ground. I realized that my reluctance to

deal with my past caused me to allow people to disrespect me in many ways. When therapy

ended I was no longer a grain of dust. I was "someone" and I demanded that people respect

me.  Depression and long standing sadness for my losses completely disappeared. 

Physcially, the inflammation in my foot subsided. my functionality was back to normal and I'm

no longer afraid that the foot will be amputated. The emotional healing healed my foot with no

other medical treatment. Thank you." Rachel 

"After only six sessions I was back to life from total lack of motivation and being in bed

most of the day. my vitality is back and my energy levels high as I used to know them"

"I came to you in total dispair and hopelessness. For me it was one last try. I was post-

traumatic following a severe car accident which added to my background childhood traumas. I

was in a very complex emotional state. My initial experience of you was of a huge light that

radiates from you. I felt secure and safe. You asked many challenging questions, which I didn't

always have answers to. I felt confused and helpless. In your unique and gental way,

determined yet very attentive you read me between the lines helping me to better understand

myself. With the help of the remedies, in only six sessions I was back to life from total lack of

motivation and being in bed most of the day. My vitality is back and my energy levels high as I

used to know them. I am so grateful for who you were for me and that I found you at such a

critical point in my life."  Ronit

 "Something is extremely accurate. Tangible changes happen although I don't always

fully understand them" 

"I wasn't born yesterday. I've done a lot of introspective work. I have many "tricks" that help me

bypass unpleasant situations. You didn't let me bypass anything. You kept me focused and on

track. Your work is uncomprisingly deep. It's not easy but I like your focus and the results are

more than satisfactory." Ora

 "Stress levels significantly decreased"

"Sessions with Joan seemed to flow as if of their own dynamics but then I realized that she is

leading the dialogue in a very specific way. I had insights I never before had had thoughout 20

years of introspective work. Joan gave me Bach Flower Remedies that gave me the clarity to

let go of what wasn't resouceful for me any more. My stress levels significantly decreased. I am

able to deal successfully with big stressors with confidence. I highly recommend her." Estie


 "Anxiety and fear completely disappeared"

"I came to Joan after prostate surgery with considerable urinary incontinence and panic

attacks from fearing that they would not be resolved. At the same time I was going through a

major business crisis, which caused significant finanacial loss. Anxiety of the unknown hit me

hard and deep. I was paralyzed. I was unable to think rationally or make the decisions I needed

to make.  After 3 sessions that included deep and challenging questions and Bach Flower

Remedies I was back to full functionality within 24 hours. The anxiety and fear completely

disappeared. Urinary incontinence was resolved 90% with one week (despite the medical

prognosis that expected it to take 6 months to resolve)."  Itzhak 

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